Friday, April 24, 2009

If Edgar Allan Poe only knew computer security

This is the winning entry from the RSA Conference's - Prose like Poe's Poetry Contest. This entry comes from Jamie Armstrong.

The Salesman

Once upon more malware nested, while I reflected broken and bested,
Over many hacks and attacks and safeguards that failed,
While I worried, clearly nervous, succumbed by relentless denials of service,
My blackberry did chirp with purpose - apprising me of new email,
"Tis some salesman" I muttered, surprising me with new email -
Only a salesman with products for sale.

But the caller, with his expertise, was soon to put my mind at ease,
That one meeting, all his knowledge in that one meeting he did convey,
He spoke of technical innovation - providing for security and prevention,
Access controls and authentication: hackers be gone, intruders away,
Sound the alerts of penetration: viruses contained, worms done away,
The threats of tomorrow addressed today.

Congratulations Jamie!