Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Security for all is good

It's been discovered that Juniper Networks has been using a flawed encryption for years.  Possibly a result of NSA and/or a bug.  When it becomes easy for good guys to decrypt information for the sake of national security, it makes it just as easy for bad guys to decrypt.  Engineering secure systems without backdoors works for everybody.

Juniper backdoor

Monday, December 14, 2015

MIM 2016 and Exchange 2010: no-start-ma during AD export

I've recently been playing around with MIM 2016 and stood up an Exchange 2010 server within the environment.  Trying to provision to AD with Exchange functionality has proven difficult.  I would get no-start-ma in the MIM Sync console after the AD export.

When I removed the removed the exchange provisioning functionality in the MA extensions section, the export worked as expected. I was able to prove that I could connect to remote powershell so that didn't seem to be the issue yet I continue having the problem.  After googling around I ran across Thomas' blog in setspn.blogspot and found the same thing.

On the MIM sync server, install .Net 4.6.  Install all windows updates (including optional).  Reboot - I had to reboot twice as the FIM service wouldn't start the first time.  All seems to be working now.  Thanks for the info Thomas.