Friday, October 21, 2011

Reference membership of a set in FIM Portal

Sometimes you may want to have a group or set in the FIM portal be calculated from another group or set.

Unfortunately, the source can’t be a group, so stop there.  But if it’s a set then you’re OK.  The great thing about sets is that you can have both criteria based and manual users in it. Once you have it in a group export it to AD.  Now you have a solution a group with criteria based and manual users that can be administered from the FIM Portal.


  At this point create your target group (or set), go to members tab and do the following:


By choosing ResourceID ‘in’ <source set> it’ll do the trick.

Of course you could always go back the XPath filter, something like this:  /Person[ObjectID = /Group[DisplayName = 'sourceSet']/ComputedMember, but why when you can use the GUI.

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