Wednesday, January 30, 2013

BHold's New Connector in SP1

As I mentioned in my last post, Microsoft announced the release of FIM R2 SP1 and with that BHold's new bits too.  Something that was sorely lacking with the BHold solution was a dedicated connector between BHold Core and FIM Sync.  This latest release offers the first look at this new connector.

If you go to Microsoft's TechNet Site here to can try it yourself.  I did this last week and found a few issues with the instructions.

The biggest problem deals with the provisioning of OU containers in BHold. When you finish the lab all the OU containers stay under the root.  This is due to not having the reference of the parent containers correct.  The lab uses a SQL database as a source of the OU containers.  But the premise of using a string value of the parent attribute is incorrect, instead is should be a reference value.   I'm don't give out all the details, but most of you can figure it out from here.

Once you fix that AND make sure you also bring over the root container so that the references work all the way up, then it should be smooth sailing.   If you need any help just email me.

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