Thursday, January 10, 2013

FIM 2010 R2 SP1 has been released!

I heard this at the IdM Summit in Redmond put on by Oxford Computer Group - just got back yesterday.  Nice summit by the way, the usual suspects were there as well as some new faces.
Anyways, it was announced that SP1 bits have been released, and with that the SP1 bits for BHold too.  Very cool, one of the biggest steps forward with the BHold product is the replacement of the FIM Management Agent for BHold.  BHold now takes full advantage of the ECMA2 connector technology in FIM 2010 R2 and with that replaces the BFPC and BFSS services also. As the summit was winding down, I sat down and spent some time with Rob de Jong, Senior PM at Microsoft for BHold, understanding SP1 - but do keep in mind this is a Service Pack - lots of fixes.  The sync engine got a tune up also increasing its sync speed by another 20% 
To get the latest bits you need to have an MSDN or select license, and the documentation won't be out for some time after that... like a few weeks.

One last thing: would like to send a special thank you to Matt Flynn for driving around yesterday.  Matt, I owe you at least the parking fee, if not some beers!

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Matt Flynn said...

Peter, not a problem - it actually couldn't have worked out better for me. There was a great Irish pub right across the hall with local ale and a Happy Hour food menu!